Breath on a Window: Sigga Björg & Ásmundur Sveinsson

Solo exhibition at Reykjavík Art Museum, Ásmundarsafn. Reflecting on the works of Ásmundur Sveinsson. 03.02.- 07.05 2023

Curated by Markús Þór Andrésson. More info here on Reykjavík Art Museums website

More about the work below. Exhibition soundscape by Mikael Lind. Photo credit: Vigfús Birgisson.

In dialogue with Icelandic sculptor Ásmundur Sveinsson´s work, I created a series of drawings called Breath on a Window, seeking influence from Icelandic folk tales. This series was created 2022/2023 and consists of 33 ink drawings, each drawing reflects on an Icelandic folk tale, both well known ones but mostly more unknown ones. The series is the fruit of my research of the Sigurður Nordal collection of Icelandic folk tales.

In the middle space at Ásmundarsafn Museum, a different series of works is exhibited. This series is called New Generation and consists of 11 ink & acrylic drawings and 11 texts. The texts are micro stories that accompany each drawing. The texts open up ways to interpret the drawings without explaining them. Nor do the drawings illustrate the texts. They merely coexist to open up gates of interpretation. The texts were published by Reykjavík Art Museum as a hand-out newspaper for viewers to browse through and read.

In Ásmundarsafn´s upstairs space Kúlan, I exhibited the stop motion video 5 Screams, homage to fear and Edward Munch. The video is from 2021, a 5 minutes loop showing 5 variations of Edward Munch´s monumental piece The Scream. Below are still images from the video. Sound by Mikael Lind.

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