Rósa – solo exhibition – Hafnarborg Art Museum.




Rósa. Stop motion animation and installation.

In Hafnarborg Art Museum hafnarborg.is/en/exhibition/rosa-2/ I created an installation where the viewer gets to meet RÓSA and learn about her background and history. The installation comprised of drawings, sculptures, and stop motion video accompanied with an aggressive soundscape.

Rósa is of an undetermined species but she deals with human emotions and circumstances. We sense her desolation and desperation while we also see her mature and literally form herself. Her loneliness is tangible and her sadness obvious. In the end, it seems like her world shatters while she plays the harp with a combination of melancholy and recklessness. Sound was created by musician Mikael Lind. Exhibition dates jan.21 -march 19.th 2017.

Video clip from Rósa:

Rósa-clip from Siggabjorg on Vimeo.

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