Cheese – stop motion animation

Video clip and still images from the animation CHEESE. Stop motion animation. 9:10 min. Video and sound: Sigga Björg Sigurðardóttir. 2009. (Cheese is a film about a mysterious and sensitive Cheese that becomes possessed when he comes across a freelance oracle. Cheese is a complex character that is a quiet introvert who, for instance, goes to see an abstract cinema but also has a twisted darkness in his nature.)

Cheese has been screened at: Oberhausen Film Festival, Germany / National Galleries of Scotland, Dean Galleries, Edinburgh / The Glue Factory at the Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art / The National Galleries of Iceland / Rome Film Festival (Fish Focus Festival, Dark Star, Videoart from Iceland) / Reindeerland Experimental Film Festival Iceland / X No Soul For Sale, X Initiative New York / Galerie Sans Titre Brussels

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